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Why pay if it's FREE?

1. Cover the running costs of [c. $250 per year]
2. Validates a viable alternative to 'kudos' / NFT's.
3. Allows those less-able/unable to pay to access work.
4. Enacts the theory of the commons.
5. Because it's entirely your decision.

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Pre-Publication Fork Log:

Augmenting Human Intellect, Douglas C. Engelbart, 1962
Agents of Alienation, Jaron Lanier, 1995
A/B List, Dunne & Raby, 2009
What If..., Dunne & Raby, 2009
Binary Opposition, Wikipedia

Post-Publication Fork Log :

Users are not real people
Femke van Schoonhoven, Oct 28 2018

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by Ted Hunt

c BY-NC-SA 4.0
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